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The Magick Of The Morning Star~

               Greetings & Welcome ~

Jeffrey M. Borowski

    As Above~

           So Below:

A Channeled, Assisted,

   Unfolding Story

....A channeled, passionate, magickal fantasy that truly
       must be read to be experienced. This book is fiction,
but although it is a fictitious novel, we are manifesting
       it to actually come to be in our real lives, adjusted
and coloured as all of our lives tend to be.

The words encourage all to follow their own path-
       and as long as we harm none, whatever path we choose
              is correct, for each and every one of us.
                               There is No "one way" for all.
                 The Powers That Be love us all, however we call-.

As the words flowed out so rapidly through hands that
   normally were a bit challenged by typing,
I became astonished at the speed of which I put down words
       that evidently were so guided for me to realize, and that they
   were intended to arrive and live on in this book that I was
              apparently so guided to create.

As the book unfolds, my writing style becomes
      adjusted at times;
    the words and spelling coloured by
what I beleive to be my guides-
          "The Powers That Be"
                   and I lost myself in the Magick
    of what I, at times, was astonished to discover
flowing out from my hands.

       Although I had edited, edited and edited- there may be places
where the verbiage or punctuation is not so "correct" or seems off,
         but this is as it has flowed forth, and most of us,
   living or passed over, are not perfect yet-.
I feel very fortunate in being the "host" for what came forth, as it came forth.
       Thank you in advance, my friends, for your understanding.


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       With Morning Star Magick~
              Riding Lightning  XX